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The 6 steps to proper repotting

Post 15 November 2017

Early spring is the best time of the year for repotting your plants, as they are entering the growing season and are better equipped to endure the transfer into a new pot.

If you’re buying new plants, this is the time to repot them too. For the most part, they will have already reached their maximum size for the pots they are sold in.Be sure to use a pot with a larger diameter than the one being replacing.

Remember to repot your plants! In order to grow and bloom, plants extract their nutritional needs from the small amount of soil in their pots… and those resources are not inexhaustible.

  • Cover the bottom with a drainage layer using gravel or expanded clay pebbles.
    STEP 1
  • Fill your pot with a soil type suited to the plants you are repotting.
    STEP 2
  • Prepare the root ball by removing any dead, damaged or fragile roots. You will need a pair of well sharpened shears.
    STEP 3
  • Place your plant in the center of the pot, using a stake if required.
    STEP 4
  • Finish filling with potting soil.
    STEP 5
  • Lightly pack the soil, and water in the weeks to come according to the specific needs of your plant.


Some plants are too heavy or simply too big to be repotted, as is often the case with ficus and phoenix type plants, for example. Others do not require regular repotting. Instead, what we can do is “re-surface” them by removing a few centimeters of soil from the top of the pot and replacing it with fresh soil. Subsequent waterings bring nutrients down to the roots. However, when it comes to very large plants, a few centimeters of new soil may not cover their more sizable needs.

Another important rule: use a clean pot. A bleach solution can be used to disinfectant your pot if necessary.

Newly repotted plants should be kept in a cool area with no direct sunlight for one week. Spray leafage with water once a day.

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