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Mini-cactuses for the win !

Post 15 November 2017

Cactuses are back in vogue, lining the shelves of florist shops and garden centers everywhere. And their oh-so-darling miniatures are a perfect choice for a trendy gift with a twist!

To make your collection really pop, we recommend using small and brightly-colored contemporary pots. Here’s a look at the result!


Cactuses are easy maintenance, but some simple care is still required :

  1. If possible, keep them on a windowsill year round. They require a lot of light.
  2. Plant them in a lightweight and well-drained substrate. They do not tolerate standing water.
  3. Water your cactus when the soil has been dry for a few days. Generally, once a week during the summer. Do not water them during the winter (it’s their resting period).
  4. Re-pot them every 3 or 4 years in a mixture of soil and sand.
  5. Remember to remove the gathered dust from your plant every now and then using a damp cloth or a soft paintbrush.
  6. In order to bloom, cactuses need to spend the summer months in the fresh garden air.


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