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Quality & Sustainability


Over the last decade, the Anvi Group has adopted a sustainable development aproach, working to control the impact of its activities on the environment and to continuously improve its environmental performance.

We guarantee high-quality products, 100% made in France.
The raw material used is polypropylene.

This material offers many advantages: lightness, durability, convenience. It can be recycled. Dyes and colors used do not contain any heavy metal and are UV resistant.


Since 2015, all our general functions as well as injection and rotomoulding production sites are certified ISO 9001. The quality approach is being improved on blow-moulding production site and it might be certified from 2016.

Reduction of energy consumption

Since 2011, we have invested in new production equipment, more efficient and using less electricity.

Reduction of waste

We carry out internal waste sorting so as to reduce the quantity of non-hazardous industrial waste and increase the quantity of recycled waste. We ensure a follow up of the tonnages of waste produced and recycled every year. In our extrusion blow-moulding production site, we have observed a reduction of around 40% in the quantity of non-hazardeous waste between 2010 and 2012. This reduction goes hand in hand with an increase in the tonnage of recycled waste, notably plastic and cardboard packings.

LEAN Management

We have been applying the LEAN management approach since 2009. We have put in place several 5S projects so as to improve the working conditions and KAISEN methods to reduce waste. Our production teams daily follow the performande indicators including reject and yield rates.

Carbon Footprint©

To evaluate and thus reduce our ‘Carbon Footprint’, we had our footprint analysed in our injection production site with the support of ADEME and the help of an environmental consultant in 2010. We established an action plan to reduce emissions. Updating our Carbon Footprint© analysis in 2011 showed a decrease of 10% in our green-house gas emissions compared to 2010. 


Since the hiring of an eco-designed in 2009, we have analysed the impact of our products on the environment to choose the best design options. With the development of eco-designed ranges, the share of our turnover associated with products that are more respectful of the environment has been multiplied by approximately 5 since 2009. When designing the new Romeo range, we imagined a product with timeless pan so as to maximize the lifespan. 

Improving the global logistics chain

Because the environment and economic stakes are high, we need to know about the logistics chain in its entirety. Since 2011, we have been making increasing use of a control panel with various performance indicators.

Eco-responsible purchasing

We take care, as far as possible, to work with local suppliers and to choose supplies with a guarantee of respect for the environment: catalogues, printed on FSC or PEFC labelled paper from IMPRIM’VERT certified printers and packing cartons produced mostly from recycled fiber. 

Quality &

100% Design,
Made in France


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